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Welcome to Old Port Center

We have many years of experience on the sea sponge, natural soaps, Olive oil for skin, Olive oil for hair, Loofah sponge and Dead Sea products in which ensures the quality of our products. The history of Old Port Center dates back to the 1890's. Captain Stylianos Moraris, our grandfather and founder, started fishing sea sponges throughout the Mediterranean Sea in his 25 meter boat, to read more...

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Natural Soaps
Honey Soap-whole bar-11 pcs (1kg)
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Natural Soaps - Honey Soap-whole bar-11 pcs (1kg)
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Loofah Sponges
Loofah Glove
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Loofah Sponges - Loofah Glove
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Natural Soaps
Melon Soap-1pc
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Natural Soaps - Melon Soap-1pc
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Olive Oil Products
Olive Night Cream
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Olive Oil Products - Olive Night Cream
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Olive Oil Products
Olive Oil Shampoo for dry hair
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Olive Oil Products - Olive Oil Shampoo for dry hair
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Olive Oil Products
Olive Oil Sooting Body Lotion
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Olive Oil Products - Olive Oil Sooting Body Lotion

Sea Sponge

The sea sponge is useful for many purposes and especially in cosmetics. It is also used for medical purposes and the making of chinaware,etc. Naturally , there are also fake sponges made of plastic, but they do not have the absorbance nor the beauty of a natural sea sponge.
If you decide to come to Cyprus you may visit us and watch the whole process of how sea sponges are treated and find all shapes and kinds of sea sponges, which are offered at special prices.

Natural Soaps

Our natural soaps are all very gentle and can be used safely on body and face. They are hand-made, and all the ingredients have been very carefully chosen to insure the purity of the final product.
We use pure essential oils for most natural soaps, for their beautiful smells and for the specific properties they have, but we also have discovered some delicious and irresistible fragrances (think Mango…), that are perfectly safe for normal to dry skins, so enjoy!

DeadSea Products

Natural Beauty products enriched with mineral salts and mud that are extracted directly from the deep sea, located at the lowest point of the earth (400 m below sea level). The Dead Sea known as one of the worlds richest sourses of salts and minerals, essential for the health of your body and the care of your skin. The dead sea products minerals are renowned for relieving pains and sufferingscaused by athritis, rheumatism,psoriasis, eczema, stress, headache and foot-ache whilenourishing and softening the skin.

Loofah Sponge

Our firm uses the mediteranean loofah cylindrica, which is the best kind for processing different kinds of loofah, used for body cleansing such as the Loofah Glove, Loofah Strap(for the back) and Loofah Oval. Additionally, we offer the Loofah round and Mini round for children. Also, do try our spectacular loofah slippers to be used after bath, which which work on the hard skin of the feet.

The Loofah is a useful product for everybody and an excellent gift for your friends.

Olive Oil for Skin and Hair

A range of natural olive oil hair shampoos, body scrub, body lotion, hand cream, foot cream, body butter, massage oil, sun lotion, after sun lotion and facecreams.
The olive oil is extra virgin and comes from olive groves organically cultivated and whenever possible,
we have ensured that our other ingredients are of the same organic standard.
Olivellenic ® products are certified ekologic by ICEA, Bio Eco cosmetic.

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Olive Oil for skin
Our Olive oil products are based on Olive oil and Green Tea. The natural way to skin care are through our olive oil products which are ISO 9001 standard.
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